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January 5, 2016
126 In 13th century Mohd. Ghori defeated whom to establish his regime in indiaPrithvi raj chauhan
127 How many districts are in majha area of PunjabFour
128 How many districts are in state of Punjab22
129 How many district were in east Punjab21
130 In which year was Punjabi declared as the official language of Punjab1996
131 Shivallik ranges are situated on which side of PunjabNorth East
132 The second holocaust took place in the year1762AD
133 The area between rivers Ravi and Chenab is calledRachna Doab
134 Ropar thermal plant is situated on the banks of which riverSatluj
135 Ranjit Sagar Dam is constructed on which riverRavi
136 Numbers of alphabets in ‘Gurmukhi’ are35
137 Name the wife of Guru Nanak Dev JiMata Sulakhni
138 PEPSU was merged in the state of Punjab in the year1956
139 The other name for Singhpuria Misl wasFaizalpuria
140 Puspa gujral museum is situated inKapurthala
141 Name the spiritual leader who got Harmandir Sahib builtGuru Arjan Dev Ji
142 Satluj River flows from which two states of IndiaHP and Punjab
143 The fort built by Guru Hargobind Ji at Amritsar was Known by the nameLohgarh
144 The “Takhat” at Anandpur Sahib is known asGurudwara Keshgarh
145 Punjabi University was established at Patiala in the year1960
146 National Institute of Sports is situated in which city of PunjabPatiala
147 Small holocaust took place in the year1746AD at Kahnuwan
148 The first President of Singh Sabha Movement wasThakur Singh
149 On which River has Pong Dam been constructedBeas
150 Population of Sikhs as per 2011 census in the state of Punjab is160.05