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January 5, 2016
101 Dal khalsa was organized into two sectionsBudha& Taruna dal
102 Dr. gopi chand bhargava belonged to which partyIndia nationalCongress
103 During a pre Aryan period Punjab was known by the name ofPanchnad
104 Guru Gobind Singh ji had ___ sonsFour
105 Banda Bahadur was defeated in the battle ofGurdas nangal
106 Guru Nanak Dev was married to Mata Sulakhni at which cityBatala
107 In which year bhakra dam was constructed22 october 1963
108 Harrike pattan falls in which region of Punjabtarantaran
109 How many Gurus did Baba Budha ji serveSix
110 How many members of parliament to lok sabha are elected from Punjab13
111 How many states have border adjoining with PunjabFour
112 How much area of Punjab is good for cultivation83%
113 How was Guru Har Rai ji related to Guru HargobindGrandson
114 In which year Guru Nanak Dev ji breathed his last1539 AD
115 In which year Guru Arjan Dev ji attained martyrdom1601AD
116 In which year Guru Gobind Singh ji breathed his last1708AD
117 In which year Maharaja Ranjit Singh annexed Lahore1738AD
118 In which year Guru Gobind Singh ji born1666AD
119 Longowal institute of engg and technology is situated indistt sangrur
120 Mohd. Gajini is said to have invaded india17times
121 Mukhlisar was renamed by Banda Bahadur asLohgarh
122 Mir manu became governor of Punjab in which year1748AD
123 Name the institution started by the 6th Guru Hargobind jiAkal takht
124 Name the Gurudwara situated at the place where body of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji crematedRakab ganj
125 How was Guru Ram Das ji related to Guru Amar DasSon in law