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January 5, 2016
76After second Anglo Sikh war, Punjab was made:                                                          Indian empire
77Adi Granth contained Vani of how many Sikh Gurus:                                                   Five
78Ahmadaia movement also known as Gadiani movement was founded by:            jassa singh ahluwalia
79Amritsar falls in which doab area of Punjab:                                                                Bari doab
80Anandpur sahib is situated in which district:                                                                Roop nagar
81Apart from Gurus and Bhagats, Guru Granth Sahib contains composition of bhatts:Eleven
82Apart from Tarantaran sahib which other city was established by Guru Arjan Dev ji:Kiratpur
83As per census 2011, % of scheduled caste population in  Punjab is:                                                                                            0.319
84As per census 2011, what is the population of Punjab:                                              2.77 crore
85At the time of second Anglo sikh war, Punjab was governed by:                                Maharaja dalipsingh
86At which place Guru Gobind Singh ji breathed his last:                                                 Hazoor sahib
87At which place in Punjab is the central university situated:                                        Bhatinda
88At which place in Punjab, is largest railway junction situated:                                   Bhatinda
89At which place is fertilizer producing plant is situated in Punjab:                              Nangal
90At which place was Guru Hargobind ji imprisoned:                                                       Gwalior fort
91Banda Bahadurc onquered sirhind defeating the mughal force led by:                      Wazir khan
92Banda Bahadur established his HQ at which place:                                                       Mukhlisar
93Banda Bahadur was baptized by Guru Gobind Singh ji and gives the name:            Gurbaksh singh
94Bandi chhor diwas is coincides with which hindu festival:                                           Dipwali
95Beas River originates from:                                                                                                 Beas kund
96Bhai Guru Das was son of younger brother of which sikh Guru:                                  Guru Amardas
97Bhakra dam is situated in which district:                                                                         Roop nagar
98At which place Beas River merge with satluj:                                                                   Hari ke patan
99Central university of Punjab is situated in which district:                                             Bhatinda
100District fazilka was created in which year:                                                                     40725