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January 5, 2016
51Guru Tegh Bahadur was son of:                                                                                       Guru Hargobind ji
52How many national highways pass through Punjab:                                                   12
53How many pages does Guru Granth Sahib contain1430
54Hydespus is the other name of river:                                                                              Jhelum
55In which year was PEPSU merged with Punjab:                                                           1956
56Japji Sahib is the Vani of which Guru:                                                                             Guru Nanak Dev Ji
57Maharaja Ranjit annexed Amritsar in:                                                                            1802AD
58Lala lajpat rai was known as:                                                                                          Shere-e-Punjab
59In which year was Punjab divided to create another state of Haryana:                 1996
60In the operation blue star, army forces were led  by___ who was attacked Recently in London:                                                                                                             Lt. General K.S. Brar
61In the 16 th  century forces led by Babar defeated whom to establish Mughal Empire:    Ibrahim Lodhi
62In which year construction of Harmandir sahib completed:                                       1589AD
63In which year Shiromani Gurudwara prabandhak committee formed:                     1920
64In which year Guru Harkrishan ji born:                                                                            1956AD
65Major Gen. Rajinder singh is also known as:                                                                 Sparrow
66Name the army general who led operation blue star:                                                 Lt. Gen. K.Sundarji
67In which year Nadir shah attacked Punjab:                                                                   1738AD
68What % of Punjab population lives in urban areas:                                                     0.375
69What % of population lives in majha area of Punjab:                                                  0.213
70What % of population in Punjab lives in rural area:                                                     0.6251
71Guru Tegh Bahadur is also known as:                                                                               Hind di chaddar
72W hich was capital of first Sikh state under Banda singh bahadur from years 1710 to 1715:                                                                                                                        Lohgarh
73Banda singh bahadur belonged to:                                                                                  Rajori
74Khader areas are known by the name of___ in Punjab:                            Baet
75According to 2011 census what is the ratio of Punjab population is as compared With the total population of India:                                                                                   0.023