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January 5, 2016
26.    whom was sent by Guru Gobind Singh ji to Punjab to seek revenge from Enemies of khalsa:                                                                                                         Banda Bahadur
27.    “ Asa di Var” is composed by:                                                         Guru Nanak Dev Ji
28.    By which other name Hazoor Sahib known as:                                                       Nanded
29.    Guru Hargobind ji was imprisoned by which Mughal king:                                   Jahangir
30.    Bhakhra canal originates from which river:                                                             Satluj
31.    Banda Bahadur was tortured and executed in the year:                                      1716AD
32.    At which place Guru Tegh Bahadur was born:                                                        Amritsar
33.    Hazoor sahib is situated on the banks of which river:                                           Godavari
34.    How many journeys were undertaken by Guru Nanak Dev ji:                            four
35.    In the second holocaust the Sikhs were defeated by:                                           Ahmed Shah Abdali
36.    In the Greek literature Punjab finds its mention as:                                              Panta potamia
37.    How many hymns of Bhagat kabir are included in Guru Granth Sahib:             541
38.    How many MLAs are elected to Vidhan sabha of Punjab:                                     117
39.    Ibrahim lodhi was defeated by babar in the first battle of:                                   Panipat
40.    How much of the population of Punjab lives in Malwa region:                            59.93
41.    In prior of partition of Punjab in 1945. How many districts were in Punjab:     29
42.    In which year zakaria khan became governor of Punjab:                                           1726AD
43.    How many princely states were merged to create PEPSU:                                       8
44.    Guru Ram Das, before he was anointed the fourth Guru of the Sikhs was Known by name:                                                                                                                 Bhai jetha ji
45.    Gurudwara Damadama sahib is situated at:                                                                 Talwandi sabo
46.    Guru Ram Das born at:                                                                                                     Lahore                         
47.    In which language is Zaffarnamah written:                                                                   Persian
48.    How was Guru Hargobind related to Guru Arjan Dev ji:                                             Son
49.    How much of Indian population lives in rural areas:                                                  0.688
50.    Guru Tegh Bahadur purchased land in which village to establish a new city:        Makhowa