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January 5, 2016
1.        Bhagat kabir belong to which cast:                                                                             Julaha
2.        Guru Harkrishan was son of:                                                                                        Guru Har Rai Ji
3.        Guru Nanak Dev ji was born in year :                                                                         1469 AD
4.        At which place in Delhi was Guru Tegh Bahadur martyred:                                  Chandni Chowk
5.        After the first Anglo Sikh war, who was appointed as theMaharani Jindan
6.        Adi Granth also known as:                                            Pothi sahib
7.        As per 2011 census, Punjab accounts for how much of the total scheduled castes population in India:    0.044
8.        At what age Baba Budha ji passéd away:                125 years in 1631
9.        Amritsar sahib was established by which Sikh Guru:                                                                                     Guru Ram das
10.    Another fort by the name of Lohgarh was built near Sathaura in Haryana:     Banda Bahadura
11.    Arya Samaj movement was founded by whom:Swami Dayanand
12.    An international airport is being inaugurated by the Prime Minister at   Which place in Punjab on sep 11, 2015:    Ajitgarh(mohali)
13.    Banda Bahadur was executed during the region of mughal rular:                      Farukh siyyar
14.    Gurumukhi script was standardized by:                                                                   2 nd  Guru Angad Dev ji
15.    During the Mahabharata period Punjab was known as:                                       Panchnada
16.    Apart from Zafarnama, Guru Gobind singh also composed:                                Dasam Granth
17.    Ahluwalia Misl was founded by:                                                                                Jassa singh ahluwalia
18.    According to world bank which city is the easiest to do business:                     Ludhiana
19.    Alexander defeated the Indian king:                                                                        King porus
20.    Amritsar falls in which doab area of Punjab:                                                          Bari doab
21.    At which place river beas merges with river satluj:                                               Harike pattan
22.    Baba Ram singh was disciple of whom:                                                                    Baba Balak Singh
23.    Fazilka is which district of Punjab:                                                                             21 st
24.    Guru Amardas was born at:                                                                                       Village Basarke
25.    Apart from the vani of six Gurus, Guru Granth Sahib contains compositions Of how many bhagats:                                                                                                 fifteen